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Welcome to Platinum Rule Diversity Consulting’s new blog!

My first foray into the world of blogging. Next I’ll be getting a cellphone.

The front page of the Dec 4th Nikkei Business Online was entirely devoted to immigration, along with another 3 inside – under a big banner saying “Immigration Yes!”Interestingly, the first heading under the banner read ‘economic effects of immigration not without their downsides’.

I’ve often thought that demographics, not climate change, was the biggest challenge facing the Japanese. With the population aging, limited forays into immigration, like the generational returnee program that brought a large number of the descendants of emigrants to Peru and Brazil ‘home’ couldn’t really put a dent in the impending labour shortage (recognising that it takes a generation or two for immigrants to become acclimated enough to really fit in seamlessly). The only realistic solution is large-scale immigration.

Germany’s experience with ‘gastarbeiters’ who refused to go home made the Japanese very nervous about allowing temporary workers into their economy and their lives. That time has come and gone, however, and Japan needs to start consciously planning for an influx that won’t be going home; planning that should place as much importance on cross-cultural preparations as to health-related, educational, and bureaucratic infrastructure and to housing.

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