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Platinum Rule in a Horoscope

I read my horoscope every day . . . of course I believe it only when it tells me good things are on the way. Yesterday it had this to say: “How well do you respect the values of others? It’s easy to think that your own values and your own way of doing things is the only way, and certainly the right way.”

That’s a perfect description of the ethnocentric (monocultural) orientations of the DMIS (of which I’ve spoken in earlier posts – and don’t despair, I will eventually get around to telling you all about it).

The horoscope went on to advise me to adopt a Platinum Rule orientation to life: “Make an inner resolve to better respect other people’s values, even if they are different from yours.” Georgia Nicols, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Now, about that tall, dark stranger I was supposed to meet . . .

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